.Our House at Christmas.

Valentine's Day is almost here which means it is my last chance to FINALLY share my Christmas decor with you! 

(As I shrug my shoulders and roll my eyes..)

The goal was to have my house decorated, pictures taken, and post published before Christmas when everyone was in the festive mood..then reality hit. Life with my little babe suddenly took my "spare" time away and stole my attention and heart from other hobbies and necessary house cleaning. I found myself wanting to simply play with Penny, make her laugh, tickle her tiny feet, and hold her while she slept instead of doing anything else. I still have a desire to do other things but the truth is..

..my kid rocks!

She is so much fun right now and I am soaking her in every single day. 

Now back to the awkward Christmas in February post!

Our decorations only made it into the living room and only one Christmas craft was completed this year. You know what?--I'm actually quite proud of that small victory. Adam and I hosted my family this year and the morning before they arrived (while the house was actually clean!) I was able to snap a few pictures to capture our house at Christmas. 

Enjoy our simple, modern decor and pretend it's mid December ;) 
My sister-in-law Kim crocheted this beautiful blanket for me as my Christmas gift last year. It is as soft and warm as it is lovely! The sunburst pattern pairs well with the mirror I made a few years ago.
Pictured above are the new Christmas wreaths I crafted this year next to my felt trees from years past.

Target stopped selling these stockings so poor little Penny does not have a matching one. I'll have to find new ones for next year.
 No fuss wrapping this year, I was just thankful to get all the gifts finished in time!
 Christmas lights are pure magic.

When Adam and I lived in our rented duplex, our Christmas decorations were very rustic. Our new house is brighter and more colorful so our Christmas decor matches those fun, playful qualities. The white trees and couch pillows are from Ikea. The stockings, stocking holders, snowflake pillows, and the majority of ornaments are from Target. The felt trees and wreaths were crafted by me. The blanket was made by my sister-in-law. The deer were purchased at an antique store and spray painted white.

Thanks for reading and getting back into the holiday spirit for one very overdue post :) 
I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


  1. Makes me miss Christmas.. your decorations are beautiful! LOVE the felt tree's. I pinned it now :)

  2. Beautiful! I was just wondering yesterday how you are doing, sounds like your new family is doing well! Blessings!

  3. So, I've checked your blog every other day since your last post in hopes that one day a new post will be there. FINALLY! :) Hopefully another will follow soon with a picture of little Penny!

  4. So, I've checked your blog every other day since your last post in hopes that one day a new post will be there. FINALLY! :) Hopefully another will follow soon with a picture of little Penny!

  5. Hi there! I was just checking out your blog and had a quick question. Could you please email me back when you get the chance? I really appreciate it, thanks!

    Emily : )

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  8. Hi Katie,

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